About our Static Billboards

Billboards immediately come to mind when thinking of outdoor advertising, and for good reason. They’re huge, they’re everywhere, and they’re proven to yield results. The cost of billboards can vary greatly based on size and location.


These are the classic, non-digital billboards you’ll find on highways and city streets all over the world. After all these years, they’re still pretty effective at catching people’s eye, especially when they stand out from their environment.


Despite many advertisers moving away from static billboards to digital and mobile options, there are still some advantages to this older form of advertising. A static billboard is typically cheaper to build and maintain than a digital one, and it also has a captive audience—drivers stuck in traffic with nothing else to do but look at the billboards. Last but not least, billboards are often harder to ignore than other forms of advertising, so they are more likely to be seen and remembered.

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