About our Street Poles

Street Pole Ads are a hard working OOH Medium delivering high levels of frequency and brand awareness. SPA’s are packaged in sets of three, you get triple the opportunity to communicate your message. Our Street Pole Advertising medium is available in various frame sizes. These frames are sold as a set of three in a row to maximise creative, copy, and brand story telling opportunities.
1.8m = 1750mm X 1210mm
1.5m = 1575mm X 1085mm
A0 = 866mm X 1214mm
All locations have been optimised for maximum traffic flow and are defined by the target audience taking into account SEM and Demographic profile
Street Pole Adverts (SPA’s) are an excellent campaign extension, amplifying the communication objectives with visual presence in relevant targeted audience hot spots. This unique small format medium is situated in closest proximity to the road and “head on’ line of site of the driver and its passengers.

Street Pole Ads are available on over 9000 roads nationally, allowing very specific segments of the market to be targeted in terms of LSM, demographic, location, duration and timing of campaign


Prime positions on high traffic volume routes guarantee repeated exposure to a captive pedestrian and commuter audience. Commuters are most likely looking for welcome engagement in traffic and your Street Pole Ad will happily grab their wanted attention.

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